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Three Info’s to the Islamic Headscarf

Info 1: The headscarf duty was only about 200 years after Muhammad (about 840 AD) by especially conservative clergy INTENSIVE and introduced. In addition, there are many other reasons that prove that the Prophet's original Islam did NOT have a head-covering duty. Details later.


Info 2: When the Prophet Muhammad was alive, about 90% of the free women and ALL female slaves went naked / nude on the street. The two most important Quran verses 33:59 and 24:31 were announced to end the pre-Islamic woman's nakedness and bosom freedom. _ ↑↑ (= to the beginning of the page)


Info 3: In the original Islam of the Prophet there was no duty for headscarf, hijab, and certainly no duty for full obfuscation. In consequence of this, EVERYTHING that will try to prove the duty for headscarf, hijab, or full obfuscation, must be INVENTED a long time after Muhammad's death, which is so too. More about Info 3: Please open the following link and choose "Erfindungs-Gebäude": Theme List (0.4 MB) {in German, please use computer translator, e.g. of Google or Microsoft} _ ↑↑


More about Info 2: How it was really 1,400 years ago →→ (1.4 MB)


More about Info 1: 15 Anti-Headscarf Reasons (0.2 MB)


The Qur'an demands no hair covering but only a bosom covering (0.2 MB)


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Sub-Table of Contents


A1) Qur'an Statements on Women's Cloaks, Thought-Picture God, and God's Statements


A2) Questions to Omnipotence, Nature, Influences, God, Prophets, Religions, Devils, Wraps, Atheists, …


A3) Other


A1) Qur'an Statements on Women's Cloaks, Thought-Picture God, and God's Statements _ ↑↑


Qur'an Statements on Women's Cloaks


Women's Cloak in the Qur'an (29 Pages / 0.5 MB) {in German!}

Triggers for creating Surah 33, Verse 59 and Surah 24, Verse 31 were (mostly poor) women,
who were then seen outside with uncovered bosoms and were therefore probably sometimes sexually harassed. The Qur'an only requires the covering of the free bosoms and of the hip area (with the shame).
All coverage requirements beyond that, like hijabs (= Muslim headscarves) and niqabs (= full veils), were subsequently added.


Qur'an, Surah 33, Verse 59 14 Variants of Translation (26 Pages / 0.6 MB) {in German!}

The clothing information in Verse 59 is: (that they) draw over themselves of their STOCK ON garments ( galabib)(, to put an end of the pre-Islamic frequent nakedness of free woman in public).

REASON for the Word Selection (0.6 MB) {in German!} _ ↑↑


Qur'an, Surah 24, Verse 31 14 Variants of Translation (39 Pages / 0.7 MB) {in German!}

The most important part of Verse 31 is worded correct: "The woman should not (open) display their ADORNMENT (arab. ZIYNAH, ger. ZIERDE) … and draw their covers (arab. HUMUR) over their (free) BOSOMS." The adornment of the woman is according to Verse 31 their bosom and nothing else.

REASON for the Word Selection (0.7 MB) {in German!}


Conclusion: There is NO religious duty for women to wear a headscarf! HEADLINES (0.7 MB)

There is only one cultural / traditional pseudo-obligation for the Islam headscarf (Hijab) or the full veil (Niqab). See also the in practice important Showing Story (0,6 MB) {only in German!}


Thought-Picture God _ ↑↑

Muslim religious fashion dolls create a parallel-society chase with their head-cloth hoods or whole-body wraps, and that in the name of Allah, which is only present in the minds of humans as a silent THOUGHT-PICTURE. Prophets had a speaking THOUGHT-PICTURE.

The thought-picture ALLAH or GOD is the idea of an early Jew who lived about 3,800 years ago.

Read more (1 Page / 0.1 MB)


ALLAH / GOD IS THERE ... as a fantasy figure without contour ... good for personal use!

Today we know that the biblical creation story is completely wrong and thus completely devised. The main actor in the creation story is God. But if the whole story is wrong, then God, as the main actor in the story, is wrong devised too.

In religions everything is made up 100% and nothing scientific.


God's Statements (so far 333)

There is not a single, scientifically verifiable statement of God. Examples:

God respects the doing of men. Natural scientifically untestable!

God treats all men alike. Natural scientifically untestable!

God protects people. Natural scientifically untestable!

Read more (9 Pages / 0.1 MB) {in German!}


A2) Questions about Omnipotence, Nature, Influences, God, Prophets, Religions, Devils, Wraps, Atheists, ... _ ↑↑


Newest 1,002+40 + ①③⓪⓪ ONIG*-Questions (73 Pages / 0.9 MB) 1,002 = 2% of 50,100


All 50,100 ONIG*-Questions (1,049 Pages / 5.2 MB!)


To the ONIG* Questions belongs approximate . . .

. . . 13,000 God-Questions (1st Place / 2.1 MB)

Example questions: [1] WHAT MAKES GOD NOW PROOF? Answer Proposal: There are currently ghostly doubts in the minds of believers around and otherwise there is NO activity, which he is currently proving demonstrable! [2] Where is God currently taking EVIDENCE? Answer Proposal: NOWHERE!
[3] What is God doing at war? Answer Proposal: He looks silly and does NOTHING because God is just a thought-image!


. . . 8.900 Cloak-Questions (2nd Place / 2.0 MB) {in German!}

The veil questions include questions about hijabs and full veils. _ ↑↑

Example questions: [1] In pre-Islamic times until the proclamation of the Qur'an, did the women in Mecca and Medina go uncovered without clothing? Answer Proposal: YES! [2] Did the Prophet, in Verse 59 of the Surah 33, seek to give women a garment? Answer Proposal: YES! [3] Did the Prophet, in Verse 31 of Surah 24, specifically point out that the breast should be covered? Answer Proposal: YES! [4] Have volunteer hijab survivors been persuaded to volunteer with the help of falsified Koran verses and unverifiable stories? Answer Proposal: YES!


. . . 7.100 Religions-Question (3rd Place / 1.4 MB) {in German!}

Example question: [1] Are religions invented? Answer Proposal: YES, just as God was invented!


. . . 6.700 Influence-Questions (4th Place / 1.3 MB) {in German!}

Example questions: [1] Does everything influence? Answer Proposal: YES! [2] Is everything influenced? Answer: YES!


* ONIG means: Omnipotence-, Nature-, Influence-, God-Questions


A3) Other _ ↑↑


God in the course of year thousands (2 Pages / 0.1 MB)


God-Details (PDF / 24 Pages / 0.3 MB)


Influences and decisions (PDF / 16 Pages / 0.2 MB) {in German!}


Money, God & Black Holes (6 Pages / 0.3 MB) {in German!}


Revelations (Graphic) (5 Pages / 0.2 MB)


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B) Astronomy


97  Typical forms of Dark Convex Objects (DCOs) (2 Pages / 0.3 MB) [2017] {in German!}


96  Reason for Equability of Background Radiation (2 Pages / 0.1 MB) [2017] {in German!}


95  Causes of Background Radiation (3 Pages / 0.2 MB) [2015]


94  Search-Aids and Controls (PDF / 19 pages / 0.6 MB) [2011] {in German!}


93  Motivation of the Galaxies Generation Theory (PDF / 28 Pages / 0.6 MB) [2010] {in German!}


92  Development of Dark Convex Objects (DCOs) (PDF / 30 Pages / 0.9 MB) [2010] {in German!}


91  Mostly big DCO's and their Effects (PDF / 29 Pages / 1.3 MB) [2009] {in German!}


90  Carina Region Structures with Cones (PDF / 35 Pages / 0.9 MB) [2008] {in German!}


89  NGC 281-DCO (PDF / 6 Pages / 0.2 MB) [2008] {in German!} _ ↑↑


88  The total new Picture of the Universe (4 Parts) (PDF / 25 Pages / 1.0 MB) [2008] {in German!}


87  Circle-Model (PDF / 16 Pages / 2.5 MB) [2008] {in German!}


86  Places of Star Birth (PDF / 15 Pages / 0.4 MB) [2008] {in German!}


85  Star Birth to 6th (PDF / 23 Pages / 0.7 MB) [2007] {in German!}


84  Earth Formation and Moon Formation (6 Pages / 0.9 MB) [2006]


83  Oblong Forms of Dark Complex Material (PDF / 12 Pages / 0.5 MB) [2005] {in German!}


82  M78 and NGC2071 (PDF / 3 Pages / 0,2 MB) [2005] {in German!}


81  Star-Production (Draft) (PDF / 16 Pages / 0.2 MB) [2004] {in German!}


80  To the Centers of Galaxies and Globular Clusters (PDF / 12 Pages / 0.2 MB) [2004] {in German!}


79  To the Globular Clusters (PDF / 41 Pages / 2.0 MB) [2002] {in German!} _ ↑↑


78  Barnard 86-DCO (PDF / 4 Pages / 0.3 MB) [2001 / 2002] {in German!}


77  Barred Spiral Galaxies Formation (PDF / 16 Pages / 0.2 MB) [2000] {in German!}


76  Galaxies Reproduction Theory and associated Dark Convex Objects (22 Pages / 0.3 MB) [2000]


75  Spiral Galaxy with Demo (PDF / 6 Pages / 0.1 MB) [2000] {in German!}


74  Great Cosmos Structures BdW (PDF / 1 Page / 0.1 MB) [1999] {in German!}


73  Great Cosmos Structures MPI (PDF / 1 Page / 0.1 MB) [1999] {in German!}


72  Letter with transmitted Documents (PDF / 1+10 Pages / 0.1+0.2 MB) [1999] {in German!}


71  To the Star Formation (PDF / 1+18 Pages / 0.2+4.1 MB) [1998] {in German!}


69  200 DCO-Pictures (PDF / 4+100 Pages / 0.4+12.6 MB) [1996] {in German!}


17  Continent-Emergence (PDF / 6 Pages / 0.5 MB) [1989] {in German!}


16  Red Shift (PDF / 4 Pages / 0.5 MB) [1989] {in German!}


01  Invisible Processes in the Universe (PDF / 5 Pages / 0.1 MB) [1989] {in German!}


-1  List of all 94 Letters and Reports (PDF / 3 Pages / 0,1 MB) {in German!}


-2  Memory Points Astronomy (PDF / 68 Pages / 0.6 MB) {in German!}


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Background radiation and red shifting arise through radiation intersections.
When two masses come into contact with different directions of movement, collision and friction heat is generated.


This also applies to the masses in two intersecting electromagnetic rays, also for example, light rays.
If the very finely distributed mass of a light beam penetrates the very finely distributed mass of a second light beam because both light beams cross, frictional and collision heat is also produced. The background radiation is this friction and collision heat.


That friction and collision heat is generated when two light beams cross, could be confirmed by an experiment. The beams should be as strong as possible, for example two pulsed laser beams.
Directly next to the intersection point of the two laser beams, a very sensitive micro-wave sensor is to be provided. Whether the sensor is sensitive enough, however, cannot be predicted because the resulting frictional and collision heat is certainly extremely low. _


The heat of friction and collision caused by radiation crossings is lost by the light rays.
As a result, the wavelength of the light beams increases minimally. The increase in wave length is referred to as a red shift. Background radiation and red shift are therefore directly related, because both are generated by radiation crossings.


Main supplier of the background radiation are the huge empty spaces in the universe. These huge empty spaces are very uniformly filled with intersecting radiation, which leads to the very uniform background radiation. _ ↑↑
To the apparently accelerated space expansion:
The height of water waves decreases in the first-time faster, as later.
The collision-induced red shift increases more rapidly in the first time as later. This gives the impression of an accelerated space expansion.
The apparently accelerated space expansion requires two crutches in the wrong Big Bang theory. These large crutches are the dark energy and the inflationary expansion.
Both crutches could be omitted if it is assumed that background radiation and red shift are caused by radiation crossings.


The background radiation arises from the red shift.

The red shift results from radiation energy loss.

The radiation energy loss is caused by radiation-micro-collisions in the universe.

The radiation-micro-collisions are caused by constantly intermittent radiation. _ ↑↑

The radiation energy loss forms to the background radiation.


As a result, the universe is NOT expanding and there is NO big bang. Nature in this case is very misleading, because the red shift does not occur due to the Doppler effect, but is due to runtime. The red shift results from the collisions with interfering radiation in the all-vacuum. During the red shift, the electromagnetic radiation loses energy.
The background radiation is the waste heat that loses the electromagnetic radiation during the red shift (energy conservation set). The background radiation is so uniform, because the waste heat is very uniformly produced in the interstellar region and especially in the intergalactic region. In addition, the waste heat is distributed evenly in the world space. In this case, if there is only one hydrogen atom per cubic meter. See also "95 Causes of Background Radiation".


Flow Diagram of the Galaxy-Junior-Theory _ ↑↑



The universe consists of an infinitely large (Radiation-) ENERGY-POOL, Gravitons-POOL, and MASS-POOL, from which every Dark Convex Object (DCO) is fed during its development. The development of a DCO goes from the stellar black hole to the galaxy. A new cycle starts again with a stellar black hole and ends sometimes with a galaxy.
See also PDF letter
Number 93 {in German!} under B) Astronomy and the graphic Infinity-Symmetry


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C) Money (Financial-System)


Will Money Raise bring Inflation? (PDF / 43 Pages / 0.7 MB) [4] {in German!}


Proposal Money


Table of Contents (Rough Draft of an Improvement Proposal)

a) Introduction

b) Repayment Assistance for Loans using Park-Shelf Accounts of Type I (no Bonds)

c) Some Details on Park-Shelf Accounts of Type I and Ladle Accounts of Type I

d) Partial Purchases of Bonds (fixed-interest) using Park-Shelf Accounts of Type II

e) The Evil and the Good

Texts to the Table of Contents (4 Pages / 0.1 MB)



Cover Letter Collection (PDF / 19 Pages / 0.2 MB) [0] {in German!}


Double-Currencies and Park-Boxes (PDF / 14 Pages / 0.2 MB) [7] {in German!}


Wage Price Spiral belongs to 'Double-Currencies and Park-Boxes' (PDF / 2 Pages / 0.2 MB) [4] {in German!}


Limits of Wealth (PDF / 41 Pages / 0.7 MB) [6] {in German!} _ ↑↑


Economic Engine (PDF / 41 Pages / 0.5 MB) [5] {in German!}


Application of the Quantity Equation (PDF / 7 Pages / 0.2 MB) [8] {in German!}


Financial Crisis ending with Park-Boxes (PDF / 48 Pages / 0.9 MB) [1] {in German!}


Simulation 1: System Degradation (PDF / 36 Pages / 1.0 MB) [2] {in German!}


Simulation 2: Debt Relief (PDF / 34 Pages / 0.7 MB) [3] {in German!}


Two Money Functions + Money Circulation (PDF / 51 Pages / 0.7 MB) [9] {in German!}


The digits [1] to [9] indicate the sequence of file creation.

Grease is the last modified line.


The banks’ lending has created almost all money. For more information, see:

Creation of Money today  or  Tame Financial Markets {both in German!}




D) Changes to C) _ ↑↑


Link to the Changes (PDF / 1 page / 116 KB) {in German!}




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