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Reason for this letter

Causes variant 5 for the BR: Collision Energy

Causes variant 4 for the BR: Space Temperature

Causes variant 3 for the BR: DCO Surface Temperature

Causes variant 2 for the BR: Fluttering Wave Ends

Causes variant 1 for the BR: Big Bang Residual Heat

Enclosure: Infinity Symmetry (Graphic 6)


Reason for this letter

If it is assumed that there is NO space expansion, because of the absolute incompatibility with the galaxy-young theory, the dark convex objects (DCO's) and the (necessary for symmetry reasons) inversion process for rating process, then has both the red-shift and the background radiation are explained differently, as before. There are several options below shows how both the red-shift and the background radiation could arise otherwise. (The background radiation is a black body-heat radiation coming very evenly from all space directions.)


Causes variant 5 for the BR: Collision Energy

The listed below mode of origin of the background radiation, explains in particular their great uniformity.


Summary: The background radiation arises because in the infinite depths of space everywhere crosses electromagnetic radiation and while doing so, to radiation-internal mini-collisions, whereby the radiation loses energy, which leads to background radiation.


So far, it is assumed that there is no reaction when crossing waves. This is true even for limited waves which need a carrier medium, such as air-to-sound waves or water-surface waves.

When called electromagnetic waves, simply as radiation, while radiation-internal mini-reactions are likely to occur if crosses radiation. Reasons:


1. Electromagnetic radiation consists partly of mass, which is very finely divided.

2. The very finely divided mass into electromagnetic radiation occupies a volume.

3. If the mass of an electromagnetic wave collides with another mass electromagnetic wave collision heat is emitted to the environment.

4. The collision heat does not just disappear into nothingness, but is converted to background radiation.

5. The background radiation is virtually a waste product of the collision-based and time-induced red-shift.

6. Red-shifting means of energy radiation lower-energy radiation. So red-shift means an energy loss for the affected radiation.

7. As a further collision partner for electromagnetic radiation there next intersecting electromagnetic radiation even cruising cosmic radiation, sometimes referred to as high-altitude radiation.


Radiation is not undifferentiated mush, but it consists of individual wave trains with vibrational levels. In the optical range, the wave trains are called photons, based on pictures (old spelling). Photon train-stations are only possible because radiation also includes mass.


The mass in radiation occupies only an extremely small volume and is also still extremely dispersed. This collides extremely finely divided mass into radiation rarely if crosses radiation.


But when a tiny part of a mass-Radiation shaft 1 with a tiny part mass of intersecting radiation wave 2 collides, both wave trains lose a little bit of energy. The loss of energy is the basis for the background radiation. The loss of energy is forming an as yet unexplained manner to background radiation.


It never interferes the entire mass of a wave train with the entire mass of intersecting wave train. Instead, always collides only a tiny little mass-part of a wave train with a tiny little mass-part of an intersecting wave train.


The very low thermal collision of intersecting electromagnetic radiation falls to balance very evenly in the vastness of the universe. The vastness of the universe is largely a mass freely but never free of radiation. This also applies to the vast empty spaces (voids) in space between the galaxies clusters and galaxies structures (strings).


Whenever moving masses collide with each other, it comes to a conversion of kinetic energy into heat energy. This is my opinion, for part-mass electromagnetic radiation when they intersect and thereby collide. Although the partial masses of electromagnetic radiation are very low, but can for up to twice the speed of light collide when it encounter two waves head-on.


If two partial masses collide in intersecting radiation, the energy loss occurs not by Speed ​​Loss, but the energy loss occurs through frequency Loss. Frequency loss is a gain in wave length, which then appears as a red-shift.


Other considerations:

a) The energy that is released in the red-shift takes, are of the same size order as the energy contained in the background radiation. It should be noted, however, that the DCO's constantly pull energy from space. Would not that be the case, it would be getting brighter and warmer in the universe over time.

b) It should also be borne in mind that it is the red-shift energy contribution is a performance value, while it is with, for example, the dimension [W] in the background radiation to a sum value, with, for example, the dimension [W x sec] = [Joule].

c) The radiation intensity decreases with the square of the distance-ray source, which is equivalent to a radiation energy loss. This square removal context is of course here is not meant.


Causes variant 5 for the BR: Collision Energy (first draft)

The cosmic red shift is term-limited and is produced by the collisions with intersecting radiation in space vacuum. During the red-shift of the electromagnetic radiation energy loses. The background radiation is the heat, which emits electromagnetic radiation during the red-shift or loses. The background radiation is so uniform, because the (collision) waste heat in the interstellar region and in particular in the intergalactic region obtained very uniform. In addition, the heat evenly in world space. It's enough to have per cubic meter is only one hydrogen atom.


Causes variant 4 for BR: Space Temperature

Over an extended period I assumed that the background radiation, just is a space heat, because also the global space must have a temperature. The room heat is just there and you have to worry about their origins.


Causes variant 3 for BR: DCO Surface Temperature

For a time, I assumed that the source of the background radiation is the surface of the black DCO's. The high uniformity of the background radiation, however, can be explained by the not so good. In addition, the DCO's should radiate nothing.


Causes variant 2 for the BR: Fluttering Wave Ends

This was the first approach and dates back to 1989. The red-shift, so the wave-expansion takes place according to the first approach by flutter ends of the wave trains. The wave trains lose on their ends during the year-million and year-billion possibly energy. But energy-loss means red-shift. The energy lost would like the causes variant 5 are to background radiation. This first approach is not refuted still. The German letter from 1989 with a graphic is located at:

Rot-Verschiebung  (PDF-File  4 pages  521 KB)


Causes variant 1 for the BR: Big Bang Residual Heat

The background radiation is considered to be the Big Bang residual heat. Unfortunately you can only find out in about a million years that residual heat actually continues to decline, then what a real proof of the cause’s variant in today's measurement accuracy 1 would.



Enclosure: Infinity Symmetry (Graphic 6)

The graphic 6 is located at:

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