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Infinity Symmetry


The assumption of temporal infinity symmetry is based on a broad symmetry of nature.

Basic idea: Everything that will never go by the present state of knowledge has never been created for reasons of symmetry. According to the current state of knowledge, the following will never go on forever: 1 Space, 2 Time, 3 Mass, 4 Energy, 5 natural laws, 6 known influences and 7 God in the Sense of a Higher Power (= unknown Influences). In my opinion, these seven general existences never came into being, because they never pass away according to the current state of knowledge become.

Another seven general Existences that never came into being, because they never pass away, will include: 1 Infinity, 2 Universe, 3 cosmic Fuel Cycle with the DCOs (Dark Convex Objects), 4 Nature of the Universe, 5 coming into being and pass away, 6 Randomize and 7 Princip of Try & Error.



Also from symmetry reasons passes everything originated. Two examples:

a) Black holes will pass again because they have arisen.

b) Chemical elements will pass again, because they are formed (by a star process).


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