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The Koran does NOT ask for a hijab (Muslim headscarf), just the covering of the bare bosoms

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Table of Contents


1 Revelations


2 Prayers


3 Religion Structure (flipchart)


4 Conception of the World (earlier)


5 Big Bang Expansion Curve (constructed)


1 REVELATIONS (very rare)


On the topic 'Talking Thoughts Picture of the Prophets' see the following simply graphic:



Because the revelations of God which were supposed to be given to the Prophet are the most probable most important proof of God, here are some detailed questions about this process of the divine revelation:


01 How looks the revelation SENDER in God?


02 On which place is the revelation SENDER of God in the universe?


03 On what wave length God sent?


04 What was the biological revelation receiver in prophets?


05 Where was the biological revelation receiver in prophets?


06 Did Prophets have a special receiving organ for divine revelations?


07 How did the transfer of information take place?


08 Did the revelation transmission take place with the help of electromagnetic waves?


09 Did the revelation transmission take place with the help of sound waves?


10 Did the revelation transmission take place with the help of special God rays or waves?


11 Did the revelation transmission take place by means of thought rays or waves?


12 Did the revelation transference occur exactly as the (unintended) thought transmission?


13 God and prophets used the same language? If not:


14 How and where did the translation from God's language into the Prophet's language take place?


15 Why did God reveal to the prophet only the laws and rules concerning interpersonal relations?


16 Why did God reveal to the prophets only things that people might have thought of?


17 Why did not God reveal to the prophet’s internals about himself?


18 Why did not God reveal to the prophets no scientific knowledge, such as laws of nature?


19 Why did God not reveal to the Prophet for example, that he is watching everything in parallel?


20 Why did God not reveal to the Prophet for example, how does it work with the transmission of the revelation in technical / natural sciences?


21 How do revelations come from the sender God to the receiver prophet,
scientifically / physically / technically?


22 Why were only very few believing prophets (supposedly) able to receive information (revelations) from God, while ALL believers (supposedly) can send information (prayers) to God?


23 Was God building in prophets what enabled them to receive divine revelations and what cannot be grasped by scientific methods?


24 Did God provide prophets with special recipients, enabling them to receive divine revelations, which are not demonstrable by scientific methods?



If none of the above questions is scientifically verifiably answered,
I assume that ALL the prophets had a speaking Thought Picture of God without exception, whereas normal believers have a silent Thoughts Picture of God.


By the time the revelations of God had appeared, almost 4,000 years ago, people had virtually no scientific knowledge compared to today, and so it was comparatively easy to establish divine revelations. Why God's revelations have never been questioned in detail is a mystery.



In principle, there are nearly as many unresolved questions to God. For example, it is not even known whether God consists of mass or energy, or both. Furthermore, it is unknown, for example, whether God is concentrated in the universe or whether it is distributed evenly in the universe, and whether it has an extension.
Also unknown is, for example, how many parts of God exists. Is it made up of zero parts, one part, many parts, or even an infinite number of parts?


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2 PRAYERS (very often)



01 Is it enough to pray silently to God?


02 Is it better to pray at least in a whisper tone?


03 Should you rather be prayed aloud?


04 Does it bring something to pray very much to God?


05 Should believers have to be heard by God before praying, for example by kneeling?


06 Is it enough for believers to spontaneously begin to pray?


07 Is a humility attitude useful in prayer, such as folding hands?


08 With what kind of transmission do prayers come from the believer to God?


09 Are prayers transmitted by thought radiation or thought waves?


10 Is prayer transmitted by sound waves?


11 Is the transmission method for prayers electromagnetic radiation?


12 Do not believers think about, how the prayer transmission works?


13 Think believers that it will already work somehow with the prayer transmission?


14 Where is the prayer recipient God?


15 Is the recipient of prayers where the revelation transmitter (sender) is?


16 How far and how good does God hear?


17 Does God understand all languages?


18 Does God understand no language but only the feelings?


19 How do prayers come from the sender's (this are the believers) to the recipient God,
scientifically / physically / technically?


20 Why are ALL believers (supposedly) able to send information (prayers) to God, whereas only very few believing prophets (supposedly) could receive information (revelations) from God?


21 Is God building into believers what enables them to send prayers to him and what cannot be grasped by scientific methods?


22 Does God provide believers with special channels that enable them to send prayers to him and which are not demonstrable by scientific methods?


23 Where is the translator from human language to God's language?


24 Receive God also prayers of unbelievers?


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3 Flipchart for Religions



For many people, religions are so fascinating because they repeatedly alternate between the earthly real world and the celestial fantasy world. There are many more reasons why religions are likely to have a firm place in society right up to the end of humanity.
To the heavenly phantasy world belongs the pretended revelations of God too.


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4 Conception of the World during Formation of Religions



Deep believers love to immerse themselves regularly in the heavenly and sometimes in the anti-heavenly fantasy world. People are generally reluctant to take away something they love. Therefore, religions will continue to exist for a long time thanks to their beloved fantasy world. Fact is nevertheless: There is no one up there in heaven waiting to receive prayers from people.


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5 Big Bang Expansion Curve (constructed)


Of course, the constructed expansion curve has no corners. However, corners were used to distinguish the sections more clearly.



1 What was before?

2 Who or what triggered the big bang?

3 What enabled the initial inflationary (superluminal) expansion?

4 By what did the deceleration of the multiple light speed on clearly below?

5 Why was expansion nearly even during the first 7 billion years?

6 Why has accelerated expansion only since the last 6 billion years?

7 What will be after the last extinct star? There are many more unanswered questions.


For an infinite and old universe, with a fuel cycle in it, there are not any of these many questions.
With an infinitely ancient and great universe, only man has a problem because he cannot really imagine that there is anything besides God that never originated and never passes away.




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