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The Qur'an does NOT ask for a hijab (Islam headscarf), just the covering of the blank bosoms


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Muslim religious fashion dolls create a parallel-society chase with their head-cloth hoods or whole-body wraps, and that in the name of Allah, which is only present in the minds of humans as a silent THOUGHT-PICTURE. Prophets had a speaking THOUGHT-PICTURE.

The thought-picture ALLAH or GOD is the idea of ​​an early Jew, who lived about 3,800 years ago.


About 3,800 years ago, an early Jew came up with the idea that there must be a superordinate (universal) God who created all that the people of that time knew.

The many (special) Gods so far had the great disadvantage that they were NOT suitable as creator

of the WORLD.


However, the people of the time were not so ready to simply give up their thousands of years old gods and accept the new superordinate (universal) God. The then men and secular rulers demanded EVENTS for the new, sole God.


The still very small group of clergies, who considered the superior (universal) god to be right, had to come up with something to convince the rest of the population of their idea. The small group of clergies evolved out of necessity and according to the motto, "Need makes an inventive step, a three-step proof procedure for the new superior (universal) God:


The FIRST level of proof was, and is, that God can express His will. These will-expressions of God are still today referred to as revelations of God.

Since God's revelations could not be directly shared by the population directly because of lack of genuineness, two further stages of proof were required:


The SECOND invented proof stage were the messengers of God (prophets), to whom revelations of God were given.

Of course, these two thought-proving stages of the population were not communicated honestly. Instead, it was claimed that God sent an apostle, that is, a prophet, to whom he gave his revelations, by allowing him to communicate with God as a prophet.


The THIRD conceived level of evidence existed and consists in the fact that the Prophet tells the people what God revealed to him all this.


The clergy now had a method of selling their own ideas as laws of God.

This three-step proofing process for God, developed about 3,800 years ago, is so ingenious that it still works today.


All alleged God's proofs are based on NOT-repeatable single events, which go far to very far to all abundance.

Non-repeatable single events are unsuitable for a scientific proof of God.

There is not a single repeatable proof of God!


God and religions are two ancient, very popular and huge playgrounds or playgrounds for the development and the survival of the flowering imagination of humans. God is the THOUGHT-PICTURE (or thought image) of a heavenly fantasy figure without contour.




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