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The Koran does NOT ask for a hijab (Islam headscarf), just the covering of the bare bosoms


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God in the course of year thousands


There have always been plagues, such as rain deficiency or infertility. The early people were evidently of the opinion that for every plague Type a responsible (and Competent) SHALL be. Because those responsible were not visible, people suspected them in heaven and called them gods. Originally there was therefore no single God, but for each plagues Style own God and thus many gods, for God the subsequent definition was formulated:


God Definition 1: The original many gods SINGLE managers (and responsible) for the various types of pests that were beyond the control-range and mostly outside the understanding of division of the people of that time. The single-gods were also responsible for the plagues PREVENTION and thus responsible for PROTECTION against plagues and other hardships, why they were worshiped. 
However, the single-gods had the disadvantage that they were neither useful as creator of the world even as legislators of mankind.


After the single-gods were first bundled into a God in Judaism 4,000 years ago, changed and expanded the definition of the new bundled God as follows:


God Definition 2: The bundled God was over a long period of TOTAL responsible (and responsible) for every plague species that were beyond the control-range and mostly outside the understanding of division of the people of that time. The bundled God was even then responsible for PROTECTION against all pestsí species, which is why he was worshiped. The Responsibility field for the bundled God has been extended by now also regarded as an omnipotent Creator, bidding supplier and legislature and to this day.


Because now natural causes are found for all the pestsí species, lost the bundled God over time the authority and responsibility to the plagues species and the definition of God has been reduced at the present time as follows:


God-Definition 3: The bundled God is still in charge and responsible for the PREVENTION of all pests species, all evil and mischief. The bundled God today is thus a PROTECTOR God almost exclusively. This protective function of today God usually regarded as loving is worshiped. The extended under God Definition 2 Responsibility area for the bundled God was maintained by is still considered omnipotent Creator (and Complete Santander) all biological and other local livelihoods as well as Bids supplier and legislators.


Although most people today believe only in one God,
there are still smaller peoples or tribes folk who believe in many gods who can be angry and then to appease. 
God and religions are popular and huge playgrounds for living the fertile imagination of people.


The many gods were originally introduced in order to have ONE person responsible for the following natural events:

- Natural events that were detrimental or dangerous for humans and often still are
(= natural evil).

- Nature Evil, which could not be averted by humans and often still are not

- Nature-evils that were mostly also misunderstood and sometimes still NOT completely understood and predictable.


The many gods were bundled before 4,000 years to God in order to obtain a total charge and a super-authority. From the super-authority God has from the beginning and is still maintained to this day that he ( God ) is even able to make it special for the people commandments and laws (God's commandments), which is nonsense.


All God-PROOF based on God-SIGN. All God's character based and sometimes based on still unusual and often misunderstood natural events. Some people interpreted and interpret partially still certain natural events as a sign of God to prove God. 
God and everything that people think they know about God, people have devised. NOTHING of all this has been proven and therefore not actionable.


God with human needs, characteristics, decisions, skills, feelings, ideals, interests, exams, senses (perceptions), languages, will-expressions, values, desires, and goals there is NOT. 
God with human law, as homage him the Christian, Islamic and Jewish religion, there is also NOT. 
There is NO religious Scripture, are in God's bidding or God-laws. 
All statements and laws in religious scriptures are man-made and were NOT put together by God. 
It was and is presumptuous to make laws and then to claim that they are from God. 
God helps NOT, protectives NOT and even supports NOT. 
A helping, protecting, and supporting God exists only
in the imaginations of men.


God in the sense of a higher power is the same as the unknown influences because something higher something unknown and something powerful at the same time at the same time something Influential. This God begins where science ends. Science is the study of the known influences and God or the higher power is the study of the unknown influences. The research serves to convert unknown influences known.


When omnipotence is the uncontrollable nature-laws and the nature-powers, the latter can always turn into natural disasters. Most powerful in the universe are the light-year big dark convex objects (DCO's), from which galaxies form.


Typical forms of Dark convex objects (DCO's) are below to see:




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